Offering specialised research in the field of development and policy formulation. Cityzen Smart Solutions seeks out the innovation in answers to development challenges facing South African communities.

Strategic Planning

Analysis and development of strategic interventions to guide institutions in delivering on their mandates. This includes capacity building, budgeting and change management strategies.

Stakeholder Engagement/ Communications

Facilitation of dialogue and communication strategies with stakeholders, particularly in the local community context. Negotiation towards consensus building in contested environments.

Cityzen Passion



We bring a mix of both personal entrepreneurship lessons (past ventures as well as our current journey) and entrepreneurship from a local government perspective.


We took a conscious decision to relocate to Newcastle in KZN, one of the burgeoning urban areas of South Africa, to get a more holistic picture of development challenges as they impact on South Africa's many communities. Our Newcastle story is more than a personal journey of entrepreneurship but offers us insight into the lived experience of entrepreneurs and the opportunities and infrastructure available to citizens in one of South Africa's fastest growing economies.


Cityzen Network

As a young company, we are privileged with a strong network of practitioners from across a range of private sector companies, NGOs, development institutions and institutions of higher learning. This network includes policy developers in key government institutions and agencies, professors and senior lecturers from Wits University and University of Johannesburg, business chambers and colleagues from a wide field of development. Our objective is to collaborate with these partners to ensure we bring the right kind of capacity and offer optimal levels of service to our clients.


International Exposure

We are  fortunate to have travelled and obtained international exposure of developments in the following countries:

Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbambwe, Kenya, Brazil, USA, UK, France