Research and Advisory

Backed with strong research experience, we offer tailored research for effective solutions across a range of development areas. Our research is driven by the desire for innovative solutions to identified challenges. We rely on our combined development experience, together with the advice of various professional partners to guide us in the delivery of sound results for project and policy implementation.  We are passionate about entrepreneurship and small business development, ICTs and economic development, spatial and development planning. Through our research capabilities, we are able to offer sound advisory services to our clients.

Stakeholder Engagements & Communications

Having driven communication strategies and facilitated important dialogue with stakeholders in housing, town planning and economic development, Cityzen Solutions offers strong stakeholder engagement capabilities. This is particularly relevant in the local community context, to ensure their voices are heard and their buy-in to development objectives of local authorities. We offer strong negotiation skills necessary to navigate the often contested space in pursuit public consensus.

Strategic Planning

Analysis and development of strategic interventions to guide institutions in delivering on their mandates. This includes business planning, capacity building, budgeting and change management strategies. At a local and municipal level, this includes Integrated Development Planning in accordance to applicable legislation and regulatory obligations.

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